Is Call Tracking Worth the Money?

As companies begin to explore the vast array of marketing tools, one word keeps popping up in conversation; call tracking. Tracking systems allow marketers to understand how well their campaigns are performing by assigning multiple tracking numbers to different marketing avenues and observe the results on a single web based application. With detailed reports in real-time, you’re marketing department will soundly come to conclusions from thorough examination of analytics. The question is; is the service really worth it? Well let’s find out!

Many hours of information gathering and number crunching have been spent to know how well a marketing campaign is doing and whether you’re focusing your marketing dollars in the right places. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, call tracking has a lot to offer in helping your business stay on target with your growth expectations. Some key reporting features from tracking software include cost per call, average call duration, heaviest call times, unique call tracking, marketing call tracking call source (i.e. state and/or area code), return on investment (ROI) tracking, and much more. It’s easy to see how this call software can develop your company, while relieving much of the stress/man hours collecting and calculating statistics to find out whether you’re business is heading in the right direction.

Sure, you can get a regular 800 number from the phone company, but how well is it going to work for you? They certainly do not provide as much useful information as a tracking system. Not only is call tracking great for measuring marketing statistics, but it is well-designed for internal use. This can be applied for quality control, sales and customer service training, and record phone conversations for later review. As tracking software advances, more features are implemented to further streamline your workflow that allows you to focus more on building your business.

So is call tracking worth it?¬†Well if you’re looking to expand, strengthen, and streamline your business, I’d say yes! I say yes because a tracking system will hold everyone accountable and you’ll know exactly who needs to stay or get off the bus. Sure an 800 number may be cheaper, but investing a few extra dollars a month for a wealth of information is well worth it. In this competitive marketing environment your team needs to stay on top of current trends and technologies to stay afloat and what better way to begin than with call tracking.


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