Do Not Pay Credit Card Debt – It is Your Right, Your Bailout Or Totally Legal Necessity

Do not pay credit card debt unless you are financially fit and able to do so without causing harm to yourself or your family. There is no law that says you must pay, it is not immoral or illegal but is dictated by circumstances of your financial situation and what you believe to be best for you.

You must understand that constant, carefully scripted advertising has made card debt a fixture in the world marketplace and a deliberately created scheme to keep you in debt for at least 20 years for a $500 card purchase has put millions of people on the brink of financial disaster. Use the search term “Frontline: rsmelati the credit card game” for proof.

Corporate greed by banks and Wall Street set the stage for the downfall of the US economy by plunging the nation into a deep depression and the resulting government bailout will keep the economy in shambles for years to come. It is depressing to see the huge bonuses given to top executives that devised the money scheme lining their pockets with bailout money.

If you can pay your credit card debt you are certainly entitled to do so but if your situation dictates that you cannot pay for any reason then you must accept that position and plan accordingly. You can choose to use the money you would have paid on the card as your rightful share of the bailout pocketlegals money which did not “trickle down” as expected.

The question now arises as to how you will protect yourself from the onslaught of debt collectors that will begin ringing your phone and filling your mailbox with collection notices. This question is easily answered by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which is readily available to everyone.

This federal law added in 1978 was probably not intended to allow anyone to walk away from their card debt but the computer age has brought about some rather large loopholes that will allow anyone to walk away from their card debt unscathed should they choose to do so.

Not only will the FDCPA explain how to legally handle collector phone calls, it will also tell you how to answer collections notices which is an absolutely necessary step to keep you legal with the courts. Answering these notices is mandatory and the key process you will use to beat the collector once you have made the decision not pay credit card debt.

When you answer the collection notice you will demand a “verification of an alleged debt to be used in a court of law” and you can also use the quote as a search term to see exactly how it works. Here is where things get really interesting. The computer age has changed the way companies do business including the credit card and collections industry. ienlarge

Technology uses paper on a very limited scale and records are mostly electronic which means your contract with the card company probably does not exist anymore, printouts of old billing statements do not constitute legal proof, there are no live witnesses with personal knowledge of your account and hundreds of other problems the collector will encounter when trying to produce verification.

It becomes extremely expensive and is virtually impossible for a collector to obtain verifiable proof that will stand up in court so most give up immediately when you demand your rights for proof. Once they see that you understand and are implementing your rights forbixindia they will send your account information back to the seller and ask for their money back because you are noncollectable.


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