3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing and PR Beats Mainstream Media Advertising

Most entrepreneurs know that when they start a business they are going to have to market and promote their business. The problem that most new business people have is that they are not exactly sure how they should be promoting their new product or service. This lack of knowledge means that most new entrepreneurs end up falling for the spectre of mainstream media advertising- i.e. advertising on the radio, on television, or in newspapers. They could save a bucket load of cash and get better results with online marketing and public relations.

The purpose of this article is to share with you three benefits of online public relations and online marketing that I have outlined below: For more info visit here:-https://stumpbusters.co.nz/ https://dismissed.co.nz/ https://lawyerinauckland.co.nz/ https://marineelectrics.co.nz/ https://buono.co.nz/

Easier to measure results- if you put an ad on radio, on television or in the newspaper it is hard to track how successful your ad is. It is hard to measure results. Alternatively, if you did most of your marketing online you would find that it is easy to track results. Website statistic programs can measure number of site visitors as well as how people got to your website. This makes it easy for you to work out what ad campaigns are working for you so you can concentrate on them and it also means that you can cut out any non performing campaigns. You can concentrate on performing keywords for PPC advertising and SEO and you can work out whether any social media campaigns are working for you.

Cheap- Online marketing and public relations is cheap. Mainstream media advertising is expensive and hard to track. You can more easily target your advertising and campaigns online for a fraction of the cost that you would have spent compared to mainstream media ads.

Engage directly with your audience- Advertising on television, radio or in the newspaper doesn’t allow you to interact with your audience. It is one way communication. On the internet you can implement a social media and social networking campaign that allows for quick and easy two way communications. You can share your personality and your audience can talk to you directly. As an added bonus, many of the social media and social networking tools available are free of charge. Visit here:-https://roomidea.ca/ https://spaice.ca/


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